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Welcome to the Viewmont High Yuletide Tree Fest

December 6th, 2021 @ Viewmont High School

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About Grand-Families

The Grand-Families Organization is a foundation that supports families of children that live with their grandparents due to extenuating circumstances. This time of year is the most critical time to support Grand-families so we can make a difference in their lives.

Proceeds from this Auction are also going towards local development of a teen center here at Viewmont Highschool. This teen center will provide a safespace for students who are homeless, struggling, or in need. It will be an area where students can do some laundry, homework, refresh, and receive assistance.


How Our Auction Works

- On this website you will find every tree up for auction in the Viewmont High School Tree Festival. Click the tree category that you find interest in to pick the best tree.

- We have a code that you text with a keyword for each tree. Ex: VHS would refer to Viewmont.

​-Text that code to "78619" and you will receive a reply telling you what the current bid on that tree is.

​- You can then respond with a bid of your own. All bids must start at a minimum of $50.

​- If someone else places a higher bid than you, you will receive a text notifying that you no longer hold the highest bid.

​- You can either bid again, or find a different tree to bid on.

​-At the end of the auction, you will be notified if you got the tree! We will contact you about payment and pickup options!

- If you have gotten outbid, you can still donate as you please on this page as well.

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